Children and Youth Short Film Festival

We’re delighted to be able to welcome you to KUKI, the 1st International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin and invite you to an exciting week of films from all over the world.

Beginning as a programme section at the International Short Film Festival Berlin, KUKI has now become fully fledged, celebrating its own debut as a “festival within a festival” this year. It will be launched with a grand opening event held at 3pm on 2 November at the Babylon:mitte cinema. A selection of festival films will be shown at the event and beyond that, we invite you to join in a variety of fun activities: Try your luck at animation with the “Trickboxx”, provided by TV channel “KIKA”; design and produce your own button badges; or get to see our KUKI-TV-team, from OKB (“Open Channel Berlin”), at work. In short, come and celebrate with us!

In the following festival week we will present four competition programmes for the age groups of 6+, 10+ and 14+. In addition to that there will be school programmes for various age groups and we will also be holding an open talk with a specialist panel to address the subject of practical film work with children and youth. All films will be shown in their original languages and when necessary, will be given a live voiceover in German, by professional narrators. Both the children’s jury and youth jury will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their favourites. The winners will then be announced at the 24th International Short Film Festival awards ceremony on 9 November at the Babylon Berlin:Mitte cinema.

Until then, you’ve got 8 short film filled days ahead of you and we hope you have a wonderful time!

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