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KuKi-04   Competition Programme for Youth (ages 14+)

Screening :

06. 11. 2008 at 20:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte Saal 2
07. 11. 2008 at 20:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte Saal 3



Director(s): Ulrich Schaffner

Switzerland, 2008

running time: 20´00 min

Dave and Jan divide their time between surfing in the local river and looking for an apprenticeship.   more info

What Matters to Me

Director(s): Stefan Ramirez Perez

Germany, 2008

running time: 02´34 min

A German entry for the Vancouver Filmschool Scholarship Competition 2008, answering the question 'What matters to you?'  more info

Mit 16 bin ich weg

Director(s): Mark Monheim

Germany, 2007

running time: 30´00 min

Jenny's parents are divorced. She had to move to a new city with her mum and little brother. Her first day at school is much better than expected, but a surprise awaits her at home.  more info


Director(s): Alexandra Schröder

Germany, 2007

running time: 12´50 min

Gregor has hired Mara to shop-lift in a department store. Everything goes well until they begin to fall in love ...  more info


Director(s): Germinal Roaux

Switzerland, 2007

running time: 14´00 min

Sometimes everything just goes wrong. But Rosa doesn't let that get her down. When someone steals her cellphone, she chases after them with her friend Celine.  more info

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