24th International Short Film Festival Berlin

From the 4th.to the 9th.of November 2008 interfilm Berlin invites you attend the 24th.International Short Film Festival Berlin. And for the first time in its own right, to KUKI, the 1st. International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin, from the 2nd.to the 9th.of November.

Competition Programmes

International Competition
The festival centrepiece where approximately 80 films compete for Short Awards, given by an international jury in the categories of Best Film, Best Animation and Best Live-action.

Confrontations - Films against Violence and Intolerance
The causes and effects of war, terrorism and discrimination are generally themes that most people like to avoid, especially in the cinema. However, the films selected to run in this programme should not be ignored. The Best Film against Violence and Intolerance will be decided on by a jury drawn from the fields of film, journalism and politics.

Documentary Competition
Not only do documentaries open our eyes to other worlds, they also make us aware of the extraordinary in our everyday surroundings. A specialist jury will select the Best Documentary.

German Competition
Take a diverse and revealing trip through German culture in pictures and words. The two Best German Short films will each be awarded a prize.

Short Film Competition for Children and Youth KUKI
Two separate juries consisting of children and youth each get to choose a Best Film from a terrific selection of animation and live-action films.

Forward – International Viral Video Award
Never before seen at a film festival! Viral internet films with an advertising, political or simply original message, packed together and judged by both a specialist jury and the audience.

eject! Audience Competition
The Long Night of the Unexpected has become a cult event in its own right! For the eleventh time, the weirdest and most wonderful film festival entries compete for the audience’s favour, as this is the night when the audience (ca. 800 people) is the jury. After the interactive live-show, die-hard eject! fans can keep on partying in Roten Salon.

Focus On…

The impressive short film productions of Mexico and the Spanish Basque Region will be highlighted at this year’s country focus programmes.

Mexico is not only home to the most diverse and interesting of South American film industries, Mexican films are also currently doing well at all of the big international film festivals like Cannes, the Berlinale and Sundance. International stars such as Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu, Guillermo Arriaga, Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Fernando Eimbcke all started their careers with outstanding cortos. The 24th International Short Film Festival Berlin will present a mix of Mexican short films from both established greats and exciting newcomers.

Short films from the autonomous Basque region are among the absolute highlights of Spanish cinema. Popular with international audiences for their excellence and virtuoso storytelling, it should come as no surprise to learn that films from the Spanish Basque region have won numerous film awards and two Oscar-nominations to date.

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